Restaurant business is incomplete without a comprehensive KOT

  • A quick glance dashboard to help restaurant managers quickly know the table summary - which is occupied & available
  • Flexible friendly touch screen UI : counter staff/steward/cashier can work fast & accurately
  • Identify which 'Captain' and 'Steward' is serving which table and the number of guests. Monitor dine in, take away and delivery
  • Merging of KOTs and convert a KOT to bill are made simpler. Easy tracking on pending and canceled KOT. Printing of food menus happen in respective kitchens
  • Absolute clarity on combo and special offer details in billing
  • A big family is dining in many tables? Merge their bills with ease. A gang of friends celebrating a party? Dutch their bills in an instant. Allow your foodies enjoy their time and keep them coming back

Quick Service Restaurant

Reduce Table Turn-around Time & Double your Profits with our QSR POS

Recipe management
  • Quick Serve Restaurant - Real-time reports on top-selling items, non-moving items. Plan your production with WhatsNow.
  • Express tablet billing - Open extra counters anytime to bust queues with express tablet billing app – ServQuick
  • Increase repeat customers - Retain happy customers & increase your customer loyalty with the real-time feedback app – myPulse
  • Customized orders Track order customization such as toppings, modifiers with ease for an express checkout
  • Design Combo packs Design various combo packs with different items based on customer buying patterns
  • Wastage Management Improve overall profit margins by tracking ingredient shelf life & reducing wastage
  • Express KOT Zero revenue leakage, 100% KOT to bill for a lesser delivery time with ServJoy app

Bakery & Sweet Shop

Earn More Profits thru Bulk Orders with our Bakery & Sweet Shop POS

  • Plan production & sales Real-time reports on top-selling items, non moving items. Plan your production with WhatsNow mobile app
  • Simple tablet billing Manage customized orders: easy checkout, deliver what customers want with ServQuick app
  • Effective management of packing & delivery with order customizations, weight-quantity and real-time delivery status
  • Manage recipe & ingredients Track real-time ingredient consumption - manage inventory and wastage, improve your overall profit margins
  • Barcode & Weighing scale Integrated weighing scale to simplify loose quantity sales. Detect FSSI barcodes instantly & easily bill for a faster checkout

Food Court

Gain more customers with Prepaid & Loyalty on our Food Court POS

Recipe management
  • Inventory & Wastage Map your ingredients to recipes. Maintain taste consistency with Recipe and Inventory manager
  • Express Touch Billing Open extra counters anytime, take quick orders with express tablet billing app - ServQuick
  • Design Combo Packs Design profitable combo packs & map different items to cross-sell slow moving items
  • Item Modifiers Serve your customer's needs & customizations with a wide range of toppings and modifiers
  • Know and update the order status from kitchen with Kitchen and Customer Display systems

Food Truck

Double your FoodTruck's Profit Mileage with our Food Truck POS

  • Design profitable menu Instant reports on best-selling, non-moving items & compare your daily sales on-the-move with WhatsNow app
  • Open extra counters anytime to bust queues with comprehensive express tablet billing app
  • Bill Offline - Take orders, generate bills & make swiped payments even when you’re offline
  • Get real-time KOTs as the bill is generated & update production status from the kitchen
  • Repeat Orders & Customers Know your customers' likes and dislikes about your business to serve them better with the real-time feedback app - myPulse
  • Manage Combo pack Design profitable combo packs & map different items to cross-sell your slow moving items