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What you get with our micro web design package

  • Responsive

    Fully Responsive retina ready websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes enabling you to offer any visitor the best possible experience.

  • Unlimited pages

    Typically an editable website will have Home, About, Services, detailed pages, Products, Media and Contacts can able to add multiple pages using simple admin panel.

  • Creative Design

    All the sites we design and code are marvellously designed. We always use the cutting-edge contemporary web designs, which are both up-to-date & beautiful.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    All our websites are search engine friendly coded. We’ll take care of the coding and ensure that it meets the best optimization suggestions by Google.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    We design, code, and test our websites to ensure that it is pixel perfect on all browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

  • Intuitive User Experience & Design

    Our design process and layout are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are designed in a way that gives site visitors a beautiful, interactive, and engaging user experience.

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