There is a small window of opportunity between the moment a customer realises they have a desire, and the moment they add you to their wishlist. In the latest episode of the Accelerator Webinar Series we will show you how to identify these customers and convert them.

This live interactive experience will provide you with the skills to engage naturally and efficiently with potential customers as you guide them towards considering your product.
Join brand builder and industry influencer Joe Escobedo for a fireside chat alongside experts from Adobe and Magento as they show you how to:

  • Make sure you’re on the customer’s radar
  • Use personalisation to align with customer’s aspirations
  • Be responsive and meaningful across all channels
  • Trigger the “consideration stage” with customers

Confidential Mode in Gmail for G Suite users

On March 7, 2019, Google announced the launch of Gmail confidential mode in beta which could help Gmail users protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Google will roll out this feature for all the G Suite users with effect from June 25, 2019, and will be set to default ON for all domains with Gmail enabled on it.

Key Features

Allow users to set an expiration date for emails sent.
Disable options to forward, copy, print & download the email body.
Allow users to set SMS passcodes to open the mail.
Users can remove access early before the expiration date.