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Mike carved his way through

Mike carved his way through life, with an optimistic ability to turn a negative into a positive. Over the years, Mike supported the people he loved through difficult times. Whether it was financial or emotional or both Mike was there. WASHINGTON, DC JUNE 21: Sen. Tim Kaine (D VA), attends a news conference with bipartian…


Things have changed since

Things have changed since those bygone days. The Isla Vista skate scene started to dwindle around 1999 when most of the hardcore skaters eventually moved away or took on jobs and families. But you still do see people cruising to class on long boards and the occasional street skater trying to land a flip trick….


I chose Selkirk College

“I chose Selkirk College because of the combination of athletics and education,” says Zubick, who has enrolled in the School of University Arts Sciences. “Plus being able to continue playing hockey while getting an education at home was a huge bonus. After talking in person with coach Heaven, it became very apparent that I wanted…